Programme topics of INVESTMENTexpo 2023 on 11 and 12 May 2023

The INVESTMENTexpo advisory board has developed the main topics for INVESTMENTexpo on 11 and 12 May 2023. The topics provide an initial overview of what you can expect at INVESTMENTexpo 2023. In the following weeks and months we will concretise and further develop the programme and add the speakers and discussants.

If you find a topic particularly exciting for you or your company and would like to contribute to the INVESTMENTexpo platform, we look forward to hearing from you: vairfgzragrkcb@ehrpxrepbafhyg.qr.


Economics and geopolitics

The macroeconomic and geopolitical outlook. Two economists describe their assessments of five top issues
Recession, inflation, interest rate development, consumption and energy supply in view

The outlook for the real estate sector
How will purchase prices, rents and yields develop for different types of use in Germany, Europe and the UK? When will investors achieve a positive real return again?


Politics and regulation

One year after the energy transition - the big energy round-up
How reliable was the energy supply in the winter of 2022 / 2023 and how will it be in 2024? What has already hit the real estate industry and what is still to come? How will the sharing of rising energy prices between landlord and tenant work and can landlords and tenants cope with them economically? How have the gas price and electricity price brakes worked and are working? What subsidies will there be for the production and use of renewable energies? Are government subsidy programmes planned for the climate-friendly refurbishment of existing buildings and for new construction? And how does the industry view their effectiveness?

Residential tenancy law in Germany
What is in store for landlords and tenants? What are the federal government's plans for the regulation of tenancy law, the Rent Index Reform Act, the CO² tax, the introduction of an obligation to renovate for energy efficiency, the obligation to use renewable energies, the obligation to unseal land?



We all bear responsibility for an earth worth living on
Between social responsibility, climate protection and economic transformation. What do citizens and companies have to achieve?


Investment strategies

Interest rate rise and its consequences - Which types of use and regions are still investable?
Interest and real estate returns in international comparison. Where do investors' money go? Is there a lemming effect? What leverage ratios are acceptable from a banking perspective?

Are real estate quotas getting out of hand due to the price decline of fixed-income securities?
Falling prices for fixed-income securities increase the percentage share of real estate in the total asset allocation of capital accumulators. How do investors deal with this? How have real estate ratios changed as a result of valuation? What ratios exist in state-regulated pension funds in the different federal states? What real estate and infrastructure ratios do investors aim for and how do they intend to achieve them?

Fee structures for German and international funds - a comparison

The current fund barometer - what are the current investor strategies?


Types of usage

Retail: The future of city centres - What solutions are there for inner-city retail real estate?
New concepts for revitalisation under discussion

Handel: Handelsstrategien aus Nutzersicht
Trading: Trading strategies from a user perspective

Logistics: Expert panel - How de-globalisation is changing the logistics market?
Is de-globalisation even possible? What are the implications for supply chains and logistics hubs? What needs to happen in Germany and Europe to link production and supply chains closer to their own economies?

Office: Office investments - Where is it worth entering now?

Housing: Affordable housing - contradiction with investor interests?

Housing: Niche or already mainstream - where will micro-living and mixed-use properties stand from a manager and investor perspective in 2023?
Flat living, co-living, senior living. New Work and Mixed-Use Concepts Still in Investment Focus? What are the advantages and disadvantages of residential and commercial concepts from an investor's point of view? With which diversification strategies can attractive returns be achieved?


Project and neighbourhood development

Opportunities for urban neighbourhoods in the city and on the outskirts of the city
What is part of a lively neighbourhood with quality of stay? What demands do people and users place on new neighbourhoods? How can specialists in different types of use develop neighbourhoods together? How can a forward-looking joint neighbourhood management be designed in the face of individual interests? How can the necessary infrastructure in the neighbourhood and the transport infrastructure be designed in partnership between developers, investors, cities and municipalities?

Intelligent ecological concepts in the neighbourhood - how do neighbourhoods become "green"?
How can net zero carbon targets be realised with modern energy concepts for heat, electricity and storage? What circular economy strategies are project developers and property owners pursuing? What can be achieved with cradle-to-cradle materials and are there already use cases?

Brownfield developments - what potential is there in Germany?
Do brownfield sites offer an opportunity for climate-friendly new construction through conversion? Are concepts from "brown" to "grey" and "green" an investment product? Where are brownfield developments worthwhile and for which types of use?


Investment Destinations - with big North America Special

USA: Economic Conditions Today and Tomorrow - An Economic View of the US and Canada Compared to Germany
How will inflation, interest rates and economic strength develop in the US and Canada? Why is German capital moving across the pond?

North America: Real estate markets at a glance
What are the advantages of North America investments over Europe, or aren't the weak euro and high costs of currency hedging actually a showstopper for North America dollar investments? Is diversification worthwhile? Which regions and types of use are suitable for North America?

North America: Managers present their investment strategies for residential, office, logistics and niche investments followed by an investor discussion round
Who is the "better" manager for German investors? German managers with US or Canadian expertise or original North American management companies?

Europe: Where is it worth investing today and in which types of use?



One year after the outbreak of the energy crisis: which infrastructure investments in the energy sector have taken hold and what are the stumbling blocks?
What are the opportunities and risks of energy investments? Directly or indirectly and in which countries are the investment opportunities? How are user contracts structured, what are the usual terms? What returns can be achieved? Which energy sources are the focus of asset managers and investments between solar, hydropower, on- and off-shore wind energy and decentralised energy supply concepts?

Infrastructure special funds were newly introduced with the Fund Location Act 2021 - what has happened since then?
How are infrastructure funds designed? What are the plans on the investor side? Which investors are interested in investing?

Investments in renewables from an international perspective - a case study
The investment strategy of an international pension fund in line with the product offering?

Are renewable energy sources really more climate-friendly in the life cycle assessment?
Example calculation for a wind turbine

Grids and storage are becoming increasingly important: green hydrogen, battery storage, LPG storage and EV charging stations
How can they be financed? Are green credits the only way or are structured investment funds an alternative solution?

Data centre, life science and research real estate - special real estate or infrastructure investment?
What special features need to be considered in development, operation, financing and investment? Are there already specialised investment products?

Social and public infrastructure real estate as a safe investment?
What is the demand for social and public infrastructure real estate in new construction and renovation? How are investments structured? Are PPP models a way forward and what roles do the parties involved play? What role does operator competence and creditworthiness play?


Construction – sustainable building and renovation

Decarbonisation strategies for existing properties - what solutions are there for residential, office, retail and logistics properties?
What decarbonisation strategies are existing building owners pursuing? What solutions does the construction industry offer? What will become of properties in peripheral communities that have not been the focus of redevelopment so far? Which funding opportunities exist and which are planned?

Intelligent property and facility management. What measures are necessary on the way to an intelligent building?
From analysis, the definition of measurement parameters, smart mettering and reporting to the derivation of alternative courses of action. What are the differences between new and existing buildings?

Materials and technology: Which materials and building control solutions are pioneers for climate- and water-friendly construction, renovation and operation?
An overview of materials, their carbon footprint as well as the impact on the energy balance of buildings and modern ways of building technology.


ESG – environmental, social and governance management

Inventory - how have we progressed with the taxonomy and its implementation since INVESTMENTexpo 2022?

Net-Zero-Carbon-Strategies in comparison - 4 managers show their strategies

Solutions for measuring ESG parameters: data collection, benchmarks, certificates and monitoring

Article-6-Funds-Quo-Vadis - Will Legacy Properties Become Stranded Assets and Come on the Market?
What are the strategies for real estate holdings in Article 6 funds? Will there be valuation discounts for non-Article 8 and 9 compliant properties? What are the strategies of investors with holdings in Article 6 funds?


Depot A, secondary market and liquidity

Secondary market for open-ended special AIFs: status report on supply and demand

Real estate investments by banks - direct or indirect? - A discussion between treasury managers of banks
Are contribution funds a profitable solution for institutional investors?


Real estate management and digitisation

What impact do EU taxonomy and ESG requirements have on real estate asset and property management?
Interfaces, new processes, stakeholder management

Solutions for digitalisation in fund and investor reporting
Which products are on the market and demanded by managers and investors?


Equity Investments - Real Estate Shares and REITs

Global real estate shares in comparison
A market overview, total return bench marks and discussion with public listed real estate companies from four countries


Debt investments and financing

Interest rates were dead, long live interest rates. Will fixed income products become the new focus and will real estate rates decline as a result?
Quo vadis real estate financing between bank loans, direct landings from investors, debt funds and bonds?

Green energy credits and reen mortgage bond - application in practice
Requirements, design, evaluation